Chalk Couture Designer FAQ

Get all of your questions about joining Chalk Couture answered RIGHT HERE!


This page will cover all of your questions that you have about signing up with Chalk Couture. FYI, the rules are the SAME whether if you are a hobbyist Designer or Business Designers. Also “Designer” is a fancy word we use for our “consultants”.


Would you like to have the opportunity to earn?

    • Some fun money?
    • Earn some incentive trips?
    • Get 40% off all the awesome products?
    • Earn FREE product credits every month?
    • Be part of an amazing team?
    • Share the passion for crafting?

Designer = Consultant
Chalk-Site = Website for your customers to order
Designer Dollars = Product Credits
PV = Personal Volume
TV = Team Volume

How much is the Designer Kit?

The kit is $99 in the USA and $127 in Canada, before tax and shipping. To see what is included in the starter kit, please click {HERE}.

Is there any requirement to stay active?

Yes, we do. As a Designer, you would need to have $100 in personal volume EACH quarter. It is pretty easy to do! You can do that easily by buying or selling. Your customers’ orders from your chalk site, do apply to your PV!

What is the quarter schedule?

  • Quarter 1 is January 1 to March 31
  • Quarter 2 is April 1 to June 30
  • Quarter 3 is July 1 to September 30th
  • Quarter 4 is October 1 to December 31

Do we get a discount on our own orders?

YES!! We sure do! 🙂 We get 40% off! That’s freaking awesome!!  The prices in the back office are already 40% off for us! No figuring out what the actual price for us would be!

Do we get any bonuses or incentives?

Yes, there are several different ones. The first two are ONE TIME thing while the others are ongoing.

    You will get ONE TIME 15% coupon to use! You’d have 60 days to use it up before it expires.
  • Designer Debut which covers the first 3 months after signing up.
    The first incentive would be the Designer Dollars.

You can even get “incentives” on your own orders as well! They are called Designer Dollars. There is a section down below that explains more about Designer Dollars.

In addition to incentive/bonus, if you were to have over $2,000. in sales, you would get the “Savvy Seller Bonus”. This means you would get $200 in DD and $200 CASH BONUS since it is 10% of the sales!

Also last not to mention, that you can earn incentive trips through your sales! WOW!!

What are Designer Dollars? How does that work?

It is like a “store credit”. It will get posted to your account on the 15th of the NEXT MONTH. You will have 60 days to use it up or lose it.

**it will show up in your back office under a box called “Your Designer Dollars”. It is in the top row in the middle. 

Keep in mind that the Designer Dollars DO NOT COUNT toward your PV at all! 

For every $200PV, you would earn $20 Designer Dollars! The more you have in PV, the more in DD you would get! $400PV = $40, $600PV = $60, so forth. See Chart #3.

What can we use the Designer Dollars on?

THIS is my favorite!! You would be able to use it on anything such as surfaces, transfers, tools, pastes & inks. You would just have to pay tax & shipping on it. If you go over the amount you earned; you would just have to pay the difference!

Keep in mind that the Designer Dollars DO NOT COUNT toward your PV at all!

What is the Designer Debut?

it is a really cool program! It was recently changed and went into effect as of February 2021. You are NOT required to do this, but it is strongly encouraged for those who want to make this a business. It is broken up into THREE phases. The first phase starts during the SIGN-UP MONTH PLUS NEXT MONTH.

So, let’s break it down to this.

For example, if you joined in April 2021:
Phase #1 is April PLUS May
Phase #2 is June
Phase #3 is July

If you were to hit all the phases within their time frame you can easily earn $100 in Designer Dollars! See Chart #1 to see the difference between the three ways of earning some Designer Dollars.

While being on Designer Debut; you can even earn MORE Designer Dollars by sponsoring someone onto your team! For each 1 sponsored person; you can earn $30 in Designer Dollars! See Chart #2.

There is NO limit on how many people you can sign up for your team. This only applies during the Designer Debut.

Do you have a career plan?

YES! We have an AMAZING comp plan! Please send me a message to get the pdf of the comp plan chart.   For example, when you hit a rank called Master Mentor, you would get ONE TIME $500 CASH BONUS! There are certain requirements to earn that. Those details are on the comp plan chart.

How do we earn commission?

When a customer orders from your Chalk Couture website; you will get a 25% commission and that would be paid out to the chalk-pay card on the 15th of the NEXT MONTH.

If you have over $2,000 in ONE MONTH. You will get what they call “Savvy Seller Bonus” which will award you $200 CASH BONUS on the TOP of the Designer Dollars!

Is there a Designer Subscription?

Yes, there is. It costs $19.99 a month and it is charged to your card on the date you signed up each month. For example, I signed up on the 9th; so, my card is charged on the 9th of each month. The designer subscription covers your chalk-site (website for customers to order), your monthly club transfers (without the single pastes), and the app. If you do not accept the Designer Subscription; you won’t have a website for your customers to order OR get the monthly club transfer.

Do I have to sell?

NO, you do not have to! You can just join for yourself. I have a few designers on my team that are hobbyists.

Can I sell finished goods?

YES, you can sell finished goods!

Do you have a private team page?

Yes, I do have a Facebook group called “ASL Messy Chalkers”. You will get an invitation from your sponsor or me to join the group. It is where all the information from Chalk Couture shared into. Videos that I do; are also done in ASL for you all! 🙂

How do I sign up?

It is EASY! If you do not have an account already; you would need to create one by going HERE. Set up your account and click on JOIN. It will take a few minutes to do.

*when they ask you for “store name” that is your username that you would have for your website!

*Like my store is  Some like to use their name or their craft name.

One final thing is please make sure the Sponsor ID shows: Jenifer Benner or DeafCraftyJen that would make sure you would be placed onto my team.

If there are ANY questions, please feel free to message me! I am here to help you! I can not wait for you to start your Chalk Journey!

Have a FAB day!!