Do I need to........

Do I need to fuzz or not fuzz?   Do I wax or not wax?   

Here is where you can find all the answers! 

Fuzzing Section:

Why do I need to fuzz?  You will need to fuzz your transfers to protect your transfers so they do not get stuck to the surfaces. If you do not have the Chalk Couture’s Fuzzing Cloth, you can use a thick terry towel that has been washed without using a fabric softener.

Requires Fuzzing: (usually 1-3 times depending on how sticky it feels):

  • CC surfaces
  • CC woods
  • Non-CC woods
  • Non-CC surfaces


Needs EXTRA Fuzzing:

  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • Any “slick” surfaces


DOES NOT require fuzzing:

  • Fabric surfaces


Waxing Section:

Why do I need to wax?  You will need to wax your surfaces to protect your surface AND the transfers.  

Requires waxing:

  • Non-CC surfaces
  • Non-CC woods (they need to be smooth!)
  • CC Farmhouse surfaces
  • CC Reclaimed surfaces except for the metal tray

DOES NOT require waxing:

  • All of Couture Boutique CC surfaces
  • All of Couture Gallery surfaces
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Tile
  • Fabric